「FAW VERTEC」Performance

Traditional diesel vehicles and hybrid cars face uphill trouble, whereas "FAW VERTEC" can easily overcome a 1:4 gradient by using a higher-speed electric motor. When the "FAW VERTEC" goes downhill, it can even recharge the battery and make more efficient use of energy. The acceleration time of "FAW VERTEC" in 0-50 km  is less than 6.5 seconds, killing all kinds of diesel trucks. When it is urgent to recharge, after recharging for one hour, extra about 40 kilometers is added. The quick recharge for half an hour can extend 50 kilometers. Charging for on night in the parking lot is enough for a full-day-run for the next day (about 200 kilometers). Electricity prices are more stable than oil prices, and electric vehicles are more advantageous in terms of electricity and maintenance costs, which can help reduce transportation costs by 20%-50% and effectively help enterprises reduce relative costs.

「FAW VERTEC」Performance

Strong Motor: Climbing at 1:4 slope

The steep hills of Hong Kong create a challenge for current light weight goods vehicles. VERTEC solves this problem with a high performance, high torque electric motor, capable of overcoming even the steepest slope.

Accelerates from 0 to 50km: 6.5s

VERTEC's instant acceleration allows for shorter wait times in-between constant traffic stops. 

Battery Duration: 200 km

VERTEC's 200Km range gives drivers the confidence to perform efficiency on daily tasks within Hong Kong. A 30-minute quick charge will give you 30km, giving you the flexibility you need. 

Save Energy Consumption to around 20% ~ 50%

VERTEC's electric powered motoes gives us the ability to save your energy costs by 50%. Now you can forget about those carcinogenic molecules and focus on performance.